Pet Supplies from Donor Help — MANY THANKS

DonationPetSupplies8-13-15I bought these pet supplies today at the alleged “bargain” store KMart down the street. All of it cost $27 bucks (receipt below).

I can’t believe the rising prices of everything. See why I’m broke?  Not to mention human food costs!  Getting tough to survive with them raising costs of basic necessities.  Would’ve been around the same price at WalMart, but I didn’t want to waste gas (that went up too) going over there.

DonationPetSupplies2I got two bags of dry food, a box of cat litter and some cat treats. They have wet food enough to last until next week. I always get the medium-size bags of dry food so that it’s always fresh. I noticed the cats won’t eat it if it gets old.  They had those huge bags for $14, over-priced anyway.  They had a sale on wet food for $11.00 for 20 cans, so I’ll go back for those.

Holding onto the remaining money to use for emergency pet food again. Thanks for the help (won’t name names because of nosy trolls). What a huge amount of stress taken off me. And the cats are happy.