Children With Detailed Memories of Past Lives: Investigated, Facts Verified (Video)

Past LifeMany children seem to remember their past lives, some in great detail….

Here’s a look at two cases that have been investigated and in which the memories seem to correspond to particular people who have died.

Right-Wingers’ Stupid Lawsuit Against Obama: How About Fixing the Country Instead of Filing Frivolous Lawsuits Nobody Cares About!

Stop wasting taxpayers’ money on frivolous lawsuits and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE for the country up there in looney Washington, D.C.!  Not a way to win votes in 2016!

Obama Lawsuit

THIS is what I think about that nonsense!

Dirty Pigs2


GOD’S WRATH! Massive Dust Strom Blows Through EVIL ARIZONA!

Arizona Dust Storm

God’s apparently NOT HAPPY with Arizona governor Jan Brewer and all the hate groups in Arizona!  Let them be punished by DUST STORMS — an ancient, BIBLICAL punishment that not only fouls the air and causes power outages, but destroys crops and pollutes water supplies.  We’re not lying! Read your bible to see!


Baby Dynamics Yoga

Mother from Hell swings baby by its delicate little arms in Yoga moves, so she says.
Mother from Hell swings baby like a rag doll

Some yoga bullshit called “Baby Dynamics Yoga” in which an infant is swung around like a rag doll by some crazy bitch. Another story on Dad Wagon and Gawker about this lunacy.


Post by Pinoy Radio Online.

Russian guy with big cock swings his baby yoga kid in a pit of hot water.



Post by WQHH Power 96.5.

Diabetus HORROR!

HARKEN TO THIS: Woe is the HORROR OF DIABETUS! A silly little blister on the toe of a diabetic could lead to AMPUTATION!

Because of the damage to nerves and poor circulation, the body’s defense of simple cuts or blisters is minimal. I gotta keep this clean at all time. I soaked it with a couple of DROPS of Clorox in the water to keep it disinfected. I dry it off, squirt some Peroxide on it. Let that dry, then I swab on some of that red Iodine stuff and put an anti-bacterial bandaid on it before wearing shoes to keep it clean. It throbs and aches — I can feel the throbbing coming from the center of that blister, pulsating over and over!  I keep moving my toe to increase blood circulation so my immune system, such as it is, will heal it. It’s starting to SCAB, which is a good sign, so nothing to worry about. But things like this could get out of hand in the wrong types of people who are ignorant of the dangers of diabetus!

Twitter Reaction to Sharknado 2

“Sharknado: The Second One,” the sequel to last summer’s famed “Sharknado” about tornadoes full of hungry sharks raining down on unsuspecting victims, which has since joined the ranks of cult classic B-Movies, aired last night and was, in my opinion, much more fun and wacky than the first one.   There were lots of Twitter reactions to the new movie.



The Skin Chair

Quartz writes: “A chair that replicates the look, feel and SMELL of human flesh is invented.” Oh, really? Looks like a couple of big TESTICLES to me. And I don’t know if I like the “SMELL” part, either.

Skin Chair