The Strange Art Cars of this Year’s Burning Man (VIDEO)

“Within days, Black Rock City will become the third-most-populated city in the state of Nevada, overrun with mutant vehicles, theme camps and art installations.  And don’t forget the Orgy Tent.”

Get your freak on at Burning Man.
Shout to the clouds: “fuck the establishment!” and rip off your clothes to mingle naked with the Burners of the counter-culture city of Burning Man.  Whether you are a man or a woman and if you’re cool and not “uptight” about anonymous sex, YOU could get some pussy or dick there! You might even get to trip out on acid! Burning Man is a place to GET YOUR FREAK ON (whatever THAT may be), Heh-Heh!

Continued below is raw, local news video of the fantastic weird art cars entering this year’s Burning Man festival as the gates open in the dusty, windy Black Rock Desert.

See and Burning Man’s Facebook for more on the annual end-of-summer event. See Burning Man’s LIVE WEBCAM webcasts here.  Here is Reddit’s Burning Man Orgy Dome Stories.

“What made the situation non-beautiful was all the creeps surrounding the walls of the [Orgy Tent] place with shades or scarves wrapped around their faces. Just quiet spectators most of them but still sort of creepy.”  Keep Reading…

Ladies! Look what you could encounter in the Orgy Dome!
Burning Man Penis Art Car
One of the many weird Burning Man “art” cars.