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More Horrible People Caught On Camera Stealing Packages From Porch

Porch Theft in San Francisco

The above video was captured from a camera in a house in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood. You can see a man and woman — already carrying a bag with something inside — stroll up to the front gate, where the man lets himself in and then helps himself to the waiting packages.

As the couple exits the scene, they place the stolen stuff into another shopping bag, presumably to disguise the theft.

On the YouTube page for the video, the homeowner is asking for anyone who recognizes the couple in the video to message him with the info, but it’s probably wiser to contact the SF Police Dept. KEEP READING?

Psycho Santa Scare Prank (VIDEO)

SantaBystanders unaware they’re being pranked, flee in unspeakable horror as they observe Santa Claus committing horrible crimes!

The clip, posted on YouTube by the DM Pranks collective, also features Psycho Santa hacking a homeless man, planting a bomb on a car and seemingly ‘killing’ a man with a shovel.

Neighbors Feel TERRORIZED by Man’s HOSTILE Christmas Decorations Display!

Neighbors went on ABC TV’s “20/20” to say their neighbor Bill Ansell is terrorizing them year round with his hostile anti-Christmas spirit.

Hostile Christmas Decorations Display
Display features a beheaded choir and even a urinating Santa Claus that lights up at night. Click to enlarge the “hostile Christmas display.”

Most Delicious Coffee Beans

Note the sheen on these fresh Highlander Grogg coffee beans from the fabulous Laughing C.A.T. coffee and tea leaves shop in Reno, where they roast fresh coffee beans and serve only the top of the line beans and tea leaves in the world. A fabulous, fragrant store to visit and the prices are reasonable.

Fresh Highlander Grogg Beans

Fat Bitch Filmed Stealing Christmas Packages from Home; Internet Outrage

Update at 4:27 p.m. on December 19: Dallas police say they have arrested the two people who’ve been stealing packages from Northwest Dallas — and Highland Park — porches.

According to police, the woman seen in the surveillance video captured by homeowners is Priscilla Castaneda, who turns 27 today, and the man driving the Ford Explorer is 26-year-old Jessie Dominguez. Police say they received “numerous phone tips” about the suspects’ identities after the videos started making the rounds on social media and TV.

Post by Missy Clinchy.

Asshole Management at Walmart Kicked Out Christmas Carolers and Threatened to Call the Cops on Them

A group of Oregon high school students showed up to an area Walmart to serenade shoppers with traditional Christmas carols, but store management at the Klamath Falls location kicked them out and threatened to call police if they didn’t immediately vacate the premises.  How’s that for “Christmas Cheer”?  You can bet the manager that did this has or will soon be FIRED.


Greedy Woman Steals Christmas Packages from Doorstep (VIDEO)

A horrible evil woman had no idea she was being filmed stealing holiday packages from someone’s doorstep.  Now a manhunt is on to catch the thief, who also matches the description of other area package thefts.  ALSO, five holiday package thieves were caught stealing from doorsteps.



Package Thief Caught
“Fat people are greedy.”
Impregnate Impregnate
They all say they “love going for walks on the beach.”

Cops Ticket Santa and His Sleigh

Ah, the joy of Christmastine…. a time when everyone is supposed to have holiday cheer and good tidings toward his fellow man… “smug” cop writes ticket in 30 minutes to Santa.

Santa, his sleigh, and the TICKET.


“My back was turned for no more than 30 seconds. As I turned round, I found a traffic warden issuing me a ticket. The ticket was given in under a minute and stated it was issued at 9.03am and observed from 9.03am to 9.03am.”

Rent a Christmas Tree

A California company named The Living Christmas Tree Company will let you rent a LIVING Christmas tree for the holidays.  They’re BIG trees in BIG pots.

Rent Christmas Trees
No, not the GUY for rent — the Christmas tree, the Christmas tree!

“Our Trees are Alive, in a Pot with their Roots, and Growing. We deliver the tree to you, and then pick it up after the holidays. The tree then goes back to our nursery, where it continues growing until next year. Some trees are replanted into bigger containers.”