Conspiracy Theorists Question Hundreds of Fires Raging in Five States

Washington WildfiresAt this time there are more than 200 wildfires in five states across the west, with more than 10,000 firefighters trying to combat 100 wildfires in California alone, according to InciWeb, a government information management system.  In total there are more than 30,000 firefighters, including responders from as far away as New Zealand, fighting the battle.  The situation is so bad
200 active duty military troops have been added.

NOAA Satellite Image: Smoke from Pacific Northwest Fires Drifts East

Image taken by the Suomi NPP satellite's VIIRS instrument taken around 2045Z on August 20, 2015.
Image taken by the Suomi NPP satellite’s VIIRS instrument on August 20, 2015.

Conspiracy theorists are questioning why so many fires all at once. Could some of the fires be caused by legitimate forces such as lightning strikes, OR — were these fires intentionally set by terrorists hiding within the country?