Another Dire Prophecy Warning from Lyn Leahz, Who Says God Speaks to Her Now and Then, You See

satmassThis time conspiracy theorist Lyn Leahz warns the “Entire Earth Will Be Shaken From Its Place Very Soon As Brand New Urgent Warning Straight From God Is Revealed! A Sting So Painful Is Coming, the Whole World Will Mourn!“ — apparently the LONG 35-minute message is not so dire that she first has to advertise her radio show, YouTube and website before getting on with it.


“This is pretty brutal. If you’re into flowery and sugary, this is not it.   The video contains the message He spoke, and it pertains to those who are wicked and will not turn to Christ–those who mock, scorn, hate and deceive.. and who follow the father of lies, Satan, and to the corrupt church who is misleading many souls to hell.”


The Wicked