Faecal Attraction of Unreality TV

Filth TV


Amidst a 39-count indictment for FRAUD (<— a must-see article) by Teresa and Joe Giudice who appear on Bravo channel’s trashy “Real Housewives of New Jersey” (it’s anything BUT “real”), a Crushable article’s sexual innuendo of incest between spend-a-holic housewife Teresa (who goes through money that’s not hers like my cats go through cat litter) and her handsome, adorable, sexy, innocent-looking brother Joe Gorga (pictured below).

Filthy Rich FraudsMind you, we’re certainly not suggesting or in agreement with any such vulgar, disgusting innuendo — as the Bravo channel says this is a “family reality show” (ah-hem) with innocent little kids in it and these people are wholesome Italian-Americans like the kids of “Jersey Shore” — who are historically conservative missionary-position Catholics — and wouldn’t EVER engage in such an evil, immoral abomination against God as brother/sister incest.  How Crushable could suggest anything so revolting is beyond Ewwwww.


Joe Gorgas Dick
What a beautiful, virile, macho male with a big manly cock bobbing up and down!  HELL NO he’s NOT filthy.  He’s just a nice Italian boy who likes to show off his penis to his sister and her husband on TV for 10 million viewers to DROOL OVER, that’s all! 
Click here for uncensored Joe Gorga.

Crushable writes:

Gorga-Penis-Exposure“Need another reason to believe the fearsome foursome had vacation sex in the same room. How about the fact that Joe Gorga exposed his penis to the camera (ABOVE) on this trip and bragged that his penis was bigger than Joe Giudice’s penis. Why would you ever compare your penis to your brother-in-law’s penis? They’re not competing for the same vagina. I hate to get graphic, but I just need to drive home the point that this comparison only makes me think that Joe Gorga thinks about his sister’s sex life — which is ew, ew, EW.”


“Also the same trip where Teresa asked Joe Giudice if he wanted to do it in her butt — right in front of her brother Joe Gorga. Then proceeded to try to make Joe Giudice have sex with her in a vineyard within earshot of her brother. (Semi-related, I hate that I have to use full names because both men are Joe G. Do with that information what you will. Or use it analyze the fact that Teresa Giudice married the closest thing possible to her brother.)”

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“He wanted to do it in her butt.” Christ. As if they haven’t done it already.  And these morons rake in millions for this shit.