Prankster Parents Tell Kid He Has Ebola (VIRAL VIDEO)

Heartless Parents

In the brief clip, the mother, seen wearing a mask over her mouth and holding a thermometer, says: ‘Look at his temperature!’

She shows it to the father, who is off-camera, who immediately declares: “Oh hell no! He got Ebola!”

At this point, the boy screams in terror and bursts into tears at the news while his younger brother runs off.

Watch a little kid burst into tears when his parents decide it would be funny to tell their kid he’s INFECTED with Ebola!

See Daily Mail for more on this “parent prank” that has the Internet shut-ins on a rampage.

[If YouTube removes it, search for mirrors using the vid’s title, “Heartless Parents Prank Kid Into Thinking He Has Ebola.”–Ed.]

VIRAL VIDEO: Watch a Psycho Destroy His House After His Team Loses

Crazy-People2Obsessed sports fan goes batshit crazy — destroying the inside of his house — when his team the Dallas Cowboys lose to Washington Redskins on October 27 — score: 20-17 (see this recap).  Watch this fucker destroy electronics, flip tables over, and smash shit as he freaks out.  Did the men with nets in white coats come to take him to a padded room?  No one seems to know the outcome. [Mirror link here.]


BATSHIT CRAZY: Armored Vehicle, 24 Cops Sent to Collect Civil Judgment from Elderly Wisconsin Man

Crazy Cops
NOTE TO COPS: We are not the enemy!  Get it?  Your job is to “Protect and Serve” — This is NOT Iraq!  You are NOT at WAR with citizens in America!

Officials in the small town of Stettin, Wisconsin, reportedly sent 24 police officers and an armored vehicle to collect a civil judgment ($80,000) from a 75-year-old man and his wife (pictured below).  See photos of the armored vehicles here.

Old couple the cops and city officials are scared of.  Can we say: “What the Fuck?”

UNIMAGINABLE HORROR: Fish Attacks Cat, Drags It Into Water! (VIDEO)

Pond Fish

A curious kitten is grabbed by a hungry fish and dragged into the dark murky water to drown it for food.  But was it?  See opposing opinions below!

One person named John Cooper wrote:

“If you watch it it looks like the cat got dragged in — but if you play it slow mo by pausing each frame, you can see the cat jumped back and got away with the other cat.”

But another commenter named Kitty Frisco wrote:

“For those of you that say that the kitten got away, you need to have your eyes examined, but clearly the large fish just swallowed the kitten with one bite, it’s the other cat that got away. The Japanese are Fuckheads for keeping vicious fish in their ponds, but then again they probably do so as they ate the Pike in Sushi style gourmet cuisine. I would have killed every single fish in that pond if that fish had ate one of my cats.”

Chick Breaks Into Guy’s House & Tries to Suck His Dick — He Calls the Cops!

“The man told a Williamson County Sheriff’s Office deputy that he “awoke to the feeling of an unknown party on top of him,” adding that he “felt the offender place his penis in her mouth.”

Crime Does Not PayThe Smoking Gun — Penis-Freaks2Megan Davis Hoelting was arrested and charged after allegedly breaking into the home of her husband’s friend, stripped and got into bed with the sleeping man, fondled his genitalia and tried to perform oral sex on him.  When the guy awoke she would not get off him so he called the police…

Her Crime?  She Tried To Suck Her Husband’s Friend’s Dick!


Happy Halloween (And Beware of Creepy Guys)

Halloween is a dangerous celebration that can tempt people into Satanism and should be replaced by a rival festival called “Holyween” based on the adoration of Christian saints, Catholic exorcist priests have said.

Creepy Perv Van

Psycho Squirrel Freak

Truck breaks down in woodsy area, driver snaps photo, later to discover creepy naked guy hiding in the woods! Click for Reddit link.
Truck breaks down in woodsy area, driver snaps photo, later to discover creepy naked guy hiding in the woods! Click for Reddit link.

Pot Leaf Halloween Costume for Babies Ages 0-6 Months

ApeshitMarijuana leaf Halloween costume for infants sold on upsets ultra conservative moral police (watch video report here).  The moral police are also upset about the Baby Cigarette Costume.

Baby Marijuana Costume Baby Cigarette Costume

American Horror Story Freak Show Bitches Appear on Andy Cohen’s Halloween Show

Go here to watch clips of the Halloween show.
Go here to watch clips of the Halloween show.

On Andy Cohen’s late night Watch What Happens Live show on the Bravo channel, Kathy Bates, Angela Basset, Sarah Paulson, and Emma Roberts from American Horror Story: Freak Show appear, along with a bunch of freaky drag queens (see photos of them on Andy’s Twitter) in a Trick or Treat contest. See the show here.

Kathy Bates poses with the winning drag queens on Andy Cohen's Halloween show (go to his Twitter to see more photos).
Kathy Bates poses with the winning drag queens on Andy Cohen’s Halloween show (go to his Twitter to see more photos).

ALSO, don’t miss Conan’s Halloween show tonight on TBS!

Warning on Toxic Halloween Candy, Flouride Paranoia & Other Crackpot Stuff from Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones (VIDEO)

Anti-fluoridation outrage over Crest promoting their toothpaste that has “dangerous toxic cancer-causing chemicals in it, such as fluoride.”

Worried About Ebola? Doctors Say Get a Flu Shot

Misinformed patients with Ebola-like symptoms can take up time and resources in busy emergency rooms, and doctors fear the problem may worsen when flu season ramps up. That’s one reason why doctors say this year it’s especially important for patients to get their flu shots: Fewer flu cases could mean fewer Ebola false alarms.