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Holy crap, this recipe calls for ONE POUND OF VELVEETA CHEESE in addition to 1/2 pound of:  Colby, Monterey Jack and sharp cheddar cheeses to only 1 cup cooked elbow macaroni.

Look at the nutritional chart for this concoction (which I’m sure is inaccurate and far worse than it states). 149% of it is FAT and look at all that Cholesterol and salt (93%!). Really, really bad — and yet chef Guy Fieri is promoting this to an America where millions are overweight and getting diabetes from consuming too much fatty foods:


No wonder Americans are facing an obesity and diabetes epidemic consuming that much cheese (see this healthy Mac and Cheese recipe from  You don’t need all that cheese in baked Macaroni and Cheese.  That’s just plain overkill, ridiculous and UNHEALTHY. If you need that much cheese to make your food taste good, throw in the towel, alleged chefs!  See: “What Does Too Much Cheese Do to the Human Body?”

Dr. Barnard’s Blog: Cheese and Obesity — A “typical slice of cheese is 70% fat — that’s one step away from Vaseline.  It’s one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat,” says Neal Barnard, MD.

Eating Cheese Makes Type 2 Diabetes Worse

Cheese is high in saturated fat and a high-calorie food, so limit your portion sizes. An ounce of cheddar cheese contains 113 calories. Reduce your calorie consumption by selecting reduced-fat or fat-free cheese instead. An ounce of nonfat cheddar cheese contains 44 calories.

Q:  What’s the biggest food atrocity?

A:  Aside from cheese, ­ which approximately equates to Vaseline in its nutritional value, I’d point a finger of blame at processed meats. That means bacon, sausage, ham, deli slices and hot dogs. They are quite convincingly associated with colorectal cancer. And yet people keep feeding them to their children. But probably the greatest atrocity is chicken. Americans now eat more than 1 million chickens per hour. The problem is that people think this is healthful. Chicken is loaded with fat and high in calories. Not to mention, one serving of skinless chicken contains about the same amount of cholesterol as a typical serving of beef [Source].

Ex-Footballer Hunk Michael Strahan To Be In Next “Magic Mike” Male Stripper Movie

michael-strahan-magic-mike-rolePenis freaks all over the Web are rejoicing at the news that Michael Strahan will be in “Magic Mike XXL.”


This morning Strahan told his Live! audience he’s gonna be in the next Magic Mike movie.  What is Magic Mike?  Crudely put, it’s a movie about male strippers dancing around shaking their dicks!  Strahan mentions his wardrobe will be a THONG at the end of this funny clip from today’s Live! show.

Meet Vino, The Man Who Is Eating Nothing But Olive Garden Pasta For 49 Days

A man named Vino (that means wine in Italian) is taking full advantage of his Unlimited All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Pass he received from Olive Garden restaurant, and plans to memorialize 49 days of eating nothing but the restaurant’s pasta on his website, All of Garden.

Watch Vino’s Introduction

“Modern Family” Director Tweets Encounter with Annoying Drunk on Flight

Ryan Case, a director on the Emmy-winning hit  “Modern Family” sitcom, tweets a funny play-by-play encounter with an annoying drunk woman on her flight, that ends up bad for the drunk woman as cops meet the plane to arrest her at the end of the flight from Hell.  A must-read!


Police Officer: Ghost on Police Station Surveillance Camera (MUST-SEE)

Saw Ghost

Officer Karl Romero was watching the surveillance cameras at Espanola Police Station in New Mexico on Saturday when he claims to have spotted a ghost.  Romero said what he saw looked like a ghost walking across the lot, right through cages and a gate.  The surveillance video of the incident shows a blurry bright, white figure walking across the gated area at night.  See the amazing footage here. Also see KOAT VIDEO for more.

“At first I thought it was a podilla, a fly or moth, then I saw the legs and it was a human. But not a real human. No. A ghost,” the officer said told KOAT.


Dirty Nasty Dicks on Cupcakes


Penis Freaks2

These days most people have their minds in the fucken gutter, thanks to all the porn on the Internet and all the constant, in-your-face sexual innuendo on TV sitcoms, along with all those sex pill commercials that make your knocker hard for four hours.  Gets sickening after a while.  Look at that.  Some stupid ass spent HOURS making black dicks on cupcakes.  I mean, WTF?  Way too much free time on their hands and probably doesn’t get laid for shit.

That’s All You Dirty Whores Ever Think About!

Holidays are Cumming

NOT THEM AGAIN! Amy’s Baking Company Owners Threaten Customer with a KNIFE!

YAWN! Remember Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the proprietors of Amy’s Baking Company in Arizona who became famous for being rude to their customers on TV? Well, they’re back in the news over the weekend after threatening a customer with what appears to be a large kitchen knife!   And guess what?  The cameras were right there on hand to capture it all.  Now ain’t that a coincidence?

By the way, read the latest Yelp! reviews by people who came to eat there (disregard the first one, it’s obviously a fake).

“You motherf—, piece of s—- coward!” Amy Bouzaglo yells at the man. “You drunk! You drunk!”

“I myself tried the blue ribbon burger with a group of family members and when I say we thought we were in the twilight zone…I mean it. Amy ( from behind the counter of course) said she was going to call the police because we complained about soggy pizza! She then told Sammy that we didn’t know good food outside of fried chicken and watermelon (yes we are African American)! I had to hold my sister back as she wanted to face to face ask Amy to repeat herself. Sammy was talking very fast asking us to leave stating that if the police come we were going to be sent to jail because we were black and all black people go to jail when arguing with a white person in Scottsdale.” [Source]

MUST-SEE: Hotel Security Respond to Screams Coming from Empty Room; Spy Cam Captures Entitly Leaving

Wingate Hotel Apparition

Hotel guests complained of loud screaming coming from a hotel room on their floor. Hotel sends security to investigate. No one is registered to the empty hotel room. Security hears screaming coming from room. After he enters room, a transparent apparition is filmed by hallway security cameras exiting the room. Security finds the room trashed, furniture tossed around and the shower running…

Post by Rizzy Toole.

Vulgar Woman Sets Up Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Photo Bomb

A woman named “Amanda” targeted Texas governor Rick Perry at a restaurant asking for a photo and unbeknownst to Perry he was given the middle finger.

Tasteless Broad