Unusual Sight on Country Road! (VIDEO)

A horse-drawn carriage with skiers attached were spotted making their way down a snowbound Granton, Wisconsin country road in subzero temperatures on Christmas Day. Looks like fun.

Skiing Down a Country Road by storyfulviral

Gay Couple Show Off Their 300-Lb. Pet Pig, Esther the Wonder Pig

A Huge Hog in Your House? SERIOUSLY?

Gay couple keep a 300-lb. pig named Esther in their home.
Gay couple keep a 300-lb. pig named Esther in their home.


StupidEsther the Wonder Pig (official website) has gone viral on her Facebook page.  The gay couple who own her have posted this video about how they got their pet pig and warning others not to do as they have done — because the pig has grown from a cute little pet to a huge, 300-lb hog!  Pet pigs are cute when they’re little — but the owners obviously didn’t think about the animal’s future growth to maturity.

The Pig Lays on Their Couch in the Video

Since the pig has grown into a huge 300-lb. hog and has gotten apparently out of control for her owners (see tearful video above), why don’t they donate her to an animal rights-friendly farm?  She is going to add another 200 lbs.  Esther needs to be in a place where she can live out her life with other animals in a humane, farm environment with other pigs — not kooked up inside somebody’s house!  See Esther the Wonder Pig’s YouTube channel and Esther’s Twitter for photos and videos.  Some animals can be pets, and some cannot.  It’s like keeping a HORSE IN YOUR HOUSE.  Some animals are not meant for captivity with humans like cats and dogs!  It’s just common sense.

Esther the Wonder Pig is cute and so are her kind and compassionate owners, but seriously, guys:  a MONSTER PIG IN THE HOUSE?  She needs to live on a farm — a humane, no-kill sanctuary.

Giant Snow Shark!


With all the snow swamping Minnesota, two brothers use it for art and create a gigantic shark sculpture! See more photos of it here.

See their YouTube video below of it being created:

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Frog Found in Salad at Expensive Hoity-Toity French Restaurant

THERE IT IS, FROG SALAD! A woman thought she’d get gourmet French food at a fancy-schmancy French restaurant — instead she got a nasty dead frog in her salad — proving once again you should forget eating out anymore with maniacs at the helm. Cook your own food, darlins’!

Read about this ridiculousness here.

SNAP! 2013 Was a Rotten, Stinking, Miserable Year! SO THERE!

Will 2014 prove to be yet another DISMAL year?
Time will tell… time will tell!


OK, I’m gonna be brutally honest here with my feelings:  LET’S GET REAL!  2013 was a SHITTY, VIOLENT YEAR and I’m glad it’s over… and I don’t expect 2014 to be any better!

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WTF? Walmart Has Already Put Out VALENTINE’S DAY Stuff!

Valentine's stuff in Walmart immediately after Christmas Day ended.
Valentine’s stuff on Walmart shelves immediately after Christmas Day ended.

People are reporting that immediately after Christmas was over Walmart cleared their aisles of any semblance of Christmas, and stocked the shelves with Valentine’s Day stuff!

Sundae Simons Orwick writes:  “I also found valentines day things for sale at Walmart here in Winnemucca. I find this very offensive, disgusting and obnoxious. Money hungry is the bottom line. UGh”

VIDEO EVIDENCE Shows Walmart’s Back Rooms Over-Flowing with Holiday Inventory That Never Got Onto Shelves! Below is a Vine showing the stuff. More info in the article, with another Vine as “evidence.”

EXTREMELY DISTURBING: Woman Thown 20 Meters in Worst Car Accident Ever (Top 2013 Accident Video)

A terrible freeway accident sends the body of a female driver flying through the air like a rag doll. This apparently happened in Russia in August 2013.

Classic “Maury Show” Clip: “Wanna See It?”

Woman’s crap_tvso-called “soul mate” exposes his penis to Maury’s horny decoy in the green room in a set up by The Maury Show to prove he’s a no good dirty liar and cheat for his crybaby girlfriend who loves the bum “with all her heart” on The Maury ShowBut watch what happened after that lurid revelation!   :-) LOL

Girl Fight at Gas Station (VIDEO)

A blog all about girl fights, just posted this brutal late night fight between girls at a gas station. In one scene you can see a cop car waiting in the distance, but he never breaks up the fight. All the girls are wearing slutty short-shorts.

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Unrepentant Psychobitch Puts Cat in Jar, Gets Jailed

Taiwan student Kiki Lin posted a shot of her white cat jammed into a glass jar on her Facebook page. Outrage followed to which she replied “Ha, ha, ha.”

She Put the Lid on and Cat Suffocates for Facebook Picture

Cat in Jar
Photo the crazy bitch took and put on Facebook.  She’s getting a year in prison and a heavy fine for this animal cruelty.