Superman’s Jimmy Olsen Dies at Age 87


Superman (George Reeves) and Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson).
Superman (George Reeves) and Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson).

Jack Larson YoungJack Larson who played Daily Planet cub photographer Jimmy Olsen on the pop icon TV series, “The Adventures of Superman” (1952-1958) died peacefully with his beloved dog Charlie by his side in his famous home in Brentwood, California (near Hollywood).

Larson had lived a long life to age 87, and was by all accounts in good health.  He simply died of old age in his famous home, designed by notable architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Larson was gay and has no immediate family.  Larson had been with his life partner James Bridges from 1958 until Bridges’ death in 1993.  Before 1958, Larson’s partner was famous film actor Montgomery Clift.

Larson’s Famous Designer Home

Sturges House Owned by Jack Larson
The home is called the George Sturges House, and was owned by Superman actor Jack Larson for decades.

Sturges House Owned by Jack Larson2

Doctor-Graves[“The Adventures of Superman” would have continued well into the early 1960s except for the fact that Perry White died in 1958 and George “Superman” Reeves died mysteriously on June 16, 1959 by gunshot. Plans were all set to have Perry White’s character replaced and new Superman shows were to be filmed in 1959 to air in 1960. But with the death of Reeves, the series was not continued. They could have found another actor to play Superman, but the idea seemed too risky to the producers of the series. For the rest of his life Jack Larson was typecast as Jimmy Olsen.–Ed.]