Retro Halloween

Water Skiing Witches October 1954

Water Skiing Witches!



Do you like nostalgia sites featuring unusual pictures of things from yesteryear? Well do you? If so, do not miss Count Roger Wilkerson The Suburban Vampire‘s site!  Found through all the great Countdown to Halloween links!  Lots of weird and fascinating stuff to see!  You might also like 1950s Unlimited as well — and don’t forget to look at the NOTES section for links to related sites.


FORGET IT. By now she’s a 75-80-year-old, cranky, snarling harpie! That picture was taken WAY, WAY back. Pretty girl, but oh, what the ravages of the years must have done to those lovely, LUSH breasts —  turning them into horrible sagging, wrinkled old flesh that feel nothing like they once — heh-heh — did!  So put your prick away and don’t even bother masturbating!

"Concept Car" Buick Century Cruiser, 1969. [Source]

“Concept Car” Buick Century Cruiser, 1969. [Source]

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