Meet “The Meanest Mommy”

Bitch forced little kids to watch a terrible movie starring Faye Dunaway as evil Hollywood bitch Joan Crawford! JAIL HER!

Poor little kids were bound and forced to watch Faye Dunaway’s terrible over-acting in the amusing “cult” movie, “Mommie Dearest”

After her kids called her “The Meanest Mommy,” it is alleged Mary Lucas forced her kids to watch “Mommie Dearest” while duct-taped to chairs, telling cops that film star Joan Crawford is the real “The Meanest Mommy” as depicted in the cult classic film (below):

“No Wire Hangers EVER!”

The View’s Joy Behar talks with Christina Crawford, Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter who wrote “Mommie Dearest,” who talks about the abuse she suffered as a child in Hollywood.



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