Gay Hater Ted Shoebatshitcrazy: President Obama’s “Satanic Effort to Fill the Military with Fags” (VIDEO)

Crazy-People2Theodore Shoebat (a.k.a. “Theodore Shoebatshitcrazy”) is an anti-gay Christian who believes that if gays do not submit to Christianity they should be executed.  When President Obama nominated Eric Fanning, a gay man, to serve as Secretary of the Army recently, Shoebat went batshit crazy and posted the first video embedded below of his displeasure (more of his crap on his Facebook and all of his hateful videos can be watched at

“So Eric Flaming Fag Has Been Nominated By Hussein, the Muslim Islamic President, the Pro-Fag, Pro-Sodomy Anti-Family, Anti-Christ President,” Said Theodore Shoebat.


Evil homosexual activists have been sending death threats to “Christian crusader” Theodore Shoebat (article from his website).


Show Me Your Dick

His Focus on SODOMY

Theodore Talks About the Evil of Sodomites

SATAN[A total shame such a cute guy can be so incredibly ugly and hateful on the inside.  He’s tall, so it’s likely he has a fabulous big, long penis that’s going to waste, too!  A sad waste of humanity fixated on the act of sodomy among men, likely indoctrinated as a child. There’s something latent about a person so obsessed with the act of homosexual sex. It’s always the ones shouting the loudest who are found to be gay themselves. Especially with a name like “Theodore” — it is his true destiny.]