Demon-Possessed Woman Flips Out On Plane, Kisses Then Punches Attendant in the Face

Passenger’s cell phone video of coppers grabbing her and escorting her off the plane:

The passenger has been identified as Daniela Velez-Reyes by the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

“She was disoriented through the entire flight,” passenger Marian Frendt told ABC station WLS-TV in Chicago. “She started kicking the seat of the passenger in front of her, and he apparently turned around to complain … and she hit him.”

When a flight attendant intervened, Velez-Reyes allegedly grabbed the attendant’s face and kissed her, then punched her in the face, said a different passenger who told WLS that he witnessed the interaction.

Authorities said Velez-Reyes also kicked a police officer while being arrested.

Velez-Reyes was escorted off the plane in flex-cuffs. Passengers filmed the scene as officers helped her into the back of a patrol car.