“The Eye of Doom” By Legendary Artist Basil Wolverton

Apocalypse Basil Wolverton

See some of Basil Wolverton’s most famous, mouth-watering apocalyptic drawings of terrified faces at Hollywood Jesus.

basil wolverton. the eye of doom. page. 001Basil Wolvertons EyeToday we pay tribute to the legendary MAD magazine humor comics artist, Basil Wolverton with one of his classic sci-fi stories from his peak period in the 1950s: “The Eye of Doom.” The story was originally published in “Mystic” #6 (cover-dated January 1952) and reprinted by Marvel comics in “Weird Wonder Tales” #1 (September 1973). It’s a very weird story about horrible, giant eyes inhabiting Venus and the trouble they cause for snoopy astronauts, heh-heh! A six-page story you won’t soon forget.

Just click to enlarge each page to enjoy Basil’s fantastic way of drawing, whom The New York Times has deemed “The Van Gogh of the Gross Out.”  You don’t see work like his today. Enjoy, Golden Age Comics Era fans.

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