CRINGE-WORTHY: Dude Attacked by Tiger Shark Immediately Posts Wound Video to Internet

John Braxton Tiger Shark Bitten

While suffering excruciating pain, 27-year-old diver John Braxton uploaded hardcore video showing his leg got munched on by a Tiger Shark in Hawaii, a “brave demonstration of manhood,” remarks Beach Grit.  The Tiger Shark was 13-feet long!  See Daily Mail article for more.

John Braxton
John Braxton

“John Braxton, a 27-year-old from Hawaii, was spearfishing off the big island over the weekend when calamity crept into his life. John was attacked by a tiger shark. Luckily, he had a crew of friends there to save him. They helped him into the back of a pickup truck and whisked him off to the hospital. But in the process, John uploaded the clip you see above to Instagram. It’s an eerie glimpse into some of the most terrifying seconds of a man’s life. Last we heard, John’s in serious condition but expected to make a recovery. We wish him, his family and his friends all the best.” From Surfing Magazine.