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NASTY: YouTuber Tells Kiddies on YouTube You How to Eat Ass

Dunn’s fecal lips.

Pig-2This guy apparently LOVES EATING “girls with nasty, dirty asses” as he boasts in his video below and tells you step-by-step how to do the vile deed, most importantly suggesting you have a towel on hand to wipe the shit off your lips during the process (he simulates fecal matter on his lips in the video for clarity).

In a way this asshole redneck is right.
In a way this asshole redneck is right about the function of the anus when it pertains to STDs, but he’s promoting homophobia by wearing it — not health — the slob shitbag… as if any sane gay man would want to have sex with his greasy fat ass self or his burned out hippy friend next to him.

[Feces WorshipBIOHAZARDA dirty filthy thing putting your mouth on and tongue in someone’s shit hole (man or woman) where all the body’s stinking, germ-laden waste comes out.  Germs that even ANAL DOUCHING does NOT kill! 

“Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) can and do occur around the anus and inside the rectum, including intestinal parasites, gonorrhea, HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, HPV, and hepatitis.”  Read article

germWhat the Internet porn promoters don’t tell you is you can contract HEPATITIS from rimming, and even contract HIV.

Don’t listen to these filthy fuckers! Your mouth is on the other end of your body for a biological reason, to keep away from the germy waste of your shitter!]

Ass Eaten Pleasure
Sex-crazed straight8 guy seduced & coerced into dirty act – & loves it.  Click his picture above to see just how much he loves it (NSFW, ADULT).

CRACKPOTS OF THE DAY: Red-Caped Catholic Loons

Crackpot Catholic hate fanatics post a money beg video online for their cause — “The Guardians of Truth” — begging college students to pay them $26 a month (and higher) for their bigot volunteers to go to college campuses to promote their anti-equality morality cause against the dreaded evil homosexual agenda, pro-abortionists, pro-gay marriage activists and other equal rights freedom groups the Guardians are against. Isn’t America a grand place!

WATCH The World’s Fastest Nose Typist (VIDEO)

Nose Typist

WAIT! Prepare for really loud and irritating background music to offend your ears when you play this movie about a man who has claimed the Guinness World Record for being the world’s fastest typist using his nose. (Yeah, yeah, ridiculous I know… next they have some guy typing with his penis to get a Guinness award.)

“Mohm Khurshid Hussein Guinness Record thanked God Allah for giving the opportunity to break the Guinness World Record and Hussein also thanked all the judges Madhusudhan and others for coming to the show and appreciating these and has already broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest typing alphabets A to Z in 3.43 seconds by Nose which was made in 2012 and also typed couple of years for the US world Record and the Google Record in 54 seconds and they have to find given sentences for the US world Record which contains the 103 characters says Hussein.”

Old Cougar Pokes Hole in Condom to Trap Date

crap_tvA scheming cougar snares some schmuck into a “date” with her over the phone with the intention of getting pregNUT.  She then pokes a hole in a condom and says, “it’s baby-making time” as she stuffs the condom into her bra.  And this is the kind of shit people are watching on TV… giving them ideas.