New Obama Signs Appear in Texas

The Secret Service is looking into a sign posted in Victoria, Texas.  The sign says “Pray for Obama”, but it’s the scripture quoted below those words that is raising eyebrows: Psalms 109:8. Psalms 109:8 reads, “Let his days be few, and let another take his office.”

Clint Eastwood’s Bizarre Appearance at the RNC

Iconic Republican Clint Eastwood was set up last night in this bizarre appearance at the Republican Convention where the 82-year-old speaks to “invisible Obama” in an empty chair. Complete transcript here.  He was mocked after the speech.  It’s going viral.  See this CNN report.

Dude Describes Painful Ruptured Penis Caused by Rough Sex

A very crude account of a man’s extremely painful experience “breaking his penis” during rough anal sex with another male.  [Warning: Extremely Vile.]

“My friend, who I’ll just call Patrick, lives in DC where he works for the government (which is why he doesn’t want anyone knowing his real name). During a recent sexual encounter he totally screwed up his nether regions something horrible and was basically laid up for a week with searing nut pain. Here is his story. It will give you nightmares.”  Keep Reading…

Prison Supervisor Arrested for Forcing Inmates to Perform Oral Sex on Him for Cigarettes

From the lurid 8-page complaint.

A male kitchen supervisor who forced inmates to suck his cock in exchange for cigarettes was caught in a threesome by FBI agents who installed a hidden video camera in a storage room where the sex acts took place, according to this Smoking Gun report.  The FBI affidavit includes sexually explicit descriptions of three encounters.

After “E.D.” asked the other two men if they were “ready to suck some dick,” Evans locked the door and the trio began engaging in mutual fellatio atop “food sacks.” During the encounter, “Evans can be seen wearing his FCI-Phoenix staff uniform.”

“E.D.” estimated that Evans performed fellatio on him between 15 and 20 times. On one occasion, he added, Evans “brought in a bag with KY gel and a condom.” After Evans placed the condom on “E.D.,” the men briefly engaged in anal sex.

Keep Reading (warning: very graphic).

Talent Show Guru & Buddy Share a Colon Cleansing Moment

Two male talent show TV stars enjoy chit-chatting about sports news and women while having their rectums “irrigated.” The two men also apparently enjoy bubble baths together.  Apparently having his ass washed and vacuumed out keeps him young looking.

Simon Cowell’s weird anti-aging beauty treatments were outed in a recent book about Cowell’s personal habits.  In addition to having regular COLONIC IRRIGATION for 40 minutes, which he says keeps the whites of his eyes white, Cowell also has injections of Botox (snake venom) for wrinkles, and has vitamins pumped into him via a drip.  Oh yeah, he also swears by black toilet paper, and insists on having it in all his homes.   He also has his mansion cured of “bad energy” by a “house healer” recently.

“Let’s Detox Together”
Scintillating conversation while they have their assholes vacuumed out.

Fond Memories of the 1953 Las Vegas Atomic Cloud (PHOTOS)

Gamblers in Las Vegas totally ignore an atomic blast mushroom cloud in the sky just 75 miles away as seen in these photos from 1953.  The nuke was shot out of a cannon and the blast was named “Atomic Annie.”  Read an old Las Vegas newspaper report.  The Nevada Test Site (now the Nevada National Security Site), was a mere 65 miles northwest of Vegas, giving the city a clear view of the mushroom clouds spilling up from the atomic bomb tests.

“The city of Las Vegas joined in enthusiastically, with hotel-casinos inviting families to come visit and see a nuclear test firsthand. Entrepreneurs promised to guide tourists to the best viewing sites, and hundreds of spectators could be seen lining ridges in the early-dawn hours before each test. One brochure featured a man, a woman, two children, and a dog standing beside a station wagon and pointing with glee at a mushroom cloud rising in the background. Hollywood entertainers, including Bob Hope, dropped by. Casino players would leave their chips and cards on the tables and dash outside to see the remnants of a mushroom cloud.” Keep reading…

Man Walks Through Flooded Graves

The horrors of hurricane Isaac’s floodwaters… Errol Ragas walks through the murky floodwaters of a graveyard in Oakville, in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana — where tombs are coming up, exposed and corpses are coming into contact with the nasty water.  A most vile scenario.

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