Mean Beings Encountered in Near Death Experience

While having a baby, a woman dies, leaves the hospital and is sucked into a dark void where she encounters circle beings who laughingly said to her:

“You’re nothing. Your life is nothing. Your baby is nothing. This is all just a joke that you’re playing on yourself.”

Read interview here (includes audio interview).  Yes, she’s written a book detailing not so happy Near Death Experiences, which has caused a tizzy with so-called experts on the subject because most reports of NDEs are pleasant. See NDERF for users’ personal accounts of Near Death Experiences.

See Nancy Evans Bush Official Blog for more “distressing” NDEs

Some accounts from the database:

“I was now in the most serene place I had ever been in my life. I was happy and I didn’t feel any pain from my bad back and actually didn’t feel a physical body at all. It was beautiful in that the sun was shining, I felt as though I was floating with the clouds and the most at peace I had ever been in my life.”

“I began to see or sense someone with me. They looked like living things that moved and breathed. They were bright blue and bright red. They seemed two dimension. Having height, width, but no depth. I felt I was dead at this point. I can’t explain how, but I knew this was a bizarre place and must be dead to be here. It wasn’t dream-like at all. Very real.”

“I remember all my surroundings were the purist white…and very soft feeing in my mind. I was in such peace I just wanted to stand there, I was in no pain at all. The feeling of comfort is almost unexplainable. Then I looked and my mother, who had pasted away about ten years earlier, was standing a distance away from me, like maybe 10 yards, but directly in front of me. She was also in white, her hair was as I remember it when she was a young woman from her pictures. She had a firm, mother firm, look on her face and she said ‘Go back Cecily Jane, it’s not time yet.'”

Actor Fred Willard Caught in Dirty Movie Theater with Pants Down, Pee-Pee Exposed

Actor Fred Willard, age 72 (see his Official Website), who’s appeared on hundreds of TV shows and movies was caught with his pants down and penis exposed masturbating in a dirty movie theater in downtown Los Angeles.  Willard was arrested for lewd conduct.  WTF?  We can’t even get relief in a dirty movie theater anymore without some nosy, sticky-beak running to the coppers!  My word, what’s this world coming to?


Ted and his favorite sleazy movie theater, that appears
to harbor bigmouth little bitch tattle-tale snitches!

Pizza Joint’s Ghost Filmed

Stocky’s Pizza appears to have a ghost, as seen in their security surveillance video. A series of strange events prompted an employee to study surveillance video footage, which records ghostly activities around 6 a.m. on July 14.

Cab Driver Turds on Sidewalk; Filmed by Resident

A Philadelphia resident films a cab driver shitting on the sidewalk in front of his home (he has a security video camera installed that monitors the street).  The defecation occurs at pos. 1:50 in video below.  Mayor Nutter’s office does nothing.

Drunk Electrocuted to Death on Subway Tracks as Filmed by Platform Onlookers

Subway passengers in New York try to help a drunk man who fell into the track area. But the man loses balance and falls onto the tracks. His body smokes as he is being electrocuted to death before shocked bystanders who film the proceedings on their cell phone. But why wasn’t subway security on the spot to get the man out? Apparently no one called for help.


See The Subway Diaries for all sorts of weird subway news stories, pictures and videos. See video of a flooded subway with gross, murky water.

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Potheads Build Hut and Grow Pot on Wildlife Reserve; Live There for Free for a Year (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Sheriff Department (LASD) found three men living in an illegal hut for a year in the Tujunga Ponds Wildlife Sanctuary near Pasadena, California. The hut was surrounded by pot plants.  Story also on Daily Mail (with video and photos).

Filthy Rich with Money to Burn Spend $158,187 on Doggy Wedding

In these troubled times with millions unemployed, homeless and on welfare and food stamps, a rich couple blow $158,000 on a ridiculous, lavish doggy wedding.  What a disgusting waste of good money that could have been donated to charity or to the food bank to help feed hundreds of thousands of impoverished families.