Don't get Joan Crawford mad!
Joan Crawford chops off her cheating husband’s head and his girlfriend in “Strait-Jacket” (1963) — A Halloween treat!

Not feeling so great medically today, hoping things are better tomorrow.  I’ll post some updates then.  Arthritis pain in spine hurting along with the painful foot neuropathy attacking me with pain assaults today.

LIVE WEBCAM: Dreadful Overcast Stormy Skies Looming Above Reno, Nevada Today.  (Downtown Reno at far right).


LIVE RADAR: Massive rain storm moving East from California, heading directly for Reno, Nevada in a matter of hours:


We’re also getting the first snow of Winter at Mt. Rose nearby above Reno:

[Source: US National Weather Service Reno, Nevada]
[Source: US National Weather Service Reno, Nevada]