The Anus Couch

On the comfortable Anus Couch, you can stick your fingers in the couch’s simulated bum holes between each cushion.  Or you could stretch out and stick your toes in the crevices of each simulated bum hole.  After all, there’s seven (7) of them to work with.  It’s a wonderful, exotic couch… except for one strange thing…

The Anus CouchFor some strange reason I had this wet dream after sitting on The Anus Couch.  It made me desire analingus.  Imagine having an ass-eater lik the guy below who’s totally into it, tonguing your anus FOR HOURS!  Imagine the naughty pleasure.  You’d do ANYTHING for him if he asked you, wouldn’t you?


You’d even go so far as to let your ass-eater savage your quim with his junk, eh?  Of course you would!  Don’t you say you wouldn’t after you had your bum TONGUED FOR HOURS.




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