Stupid Wedding Couple Make Fake Bomb Favors, Take Them to Airport — Apeshit Ensues

ApeshitAn idiotic couple thought it would be funny to give their wedding guests favors that look like bombs. When they took them to Denver airport, TSA went apeshit, closing down entire airport and evacuating everyone. Below is a photo of the wedding favors posted by TSA on their Instagram account.

“The gifts, bottles of bath salts, were topped with red wax and a wick to resemble a fuse. The letters “TNT” were written on the side to resemble the bride and groom’s initials.” [Denver Post]

#TSATravelTips – Be mindful of what you’re traveling with and what it might appear as on an X-ray monitor. These novelty bottles of bath salts topped with wax-covered lids and fuses were discovered in a checked bag at the Denver International Airport (DEN) and resulted in a 20-minute evacuation while bomb specialists cleared the items. What looked like possible explosives were just wedding souvenirs. The bride and groom’s names both start with “T”; thus “TNT.”

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