Jupiter 2 Most Popular Ship at the Sci-Fi Air Show

Click Here to explore the inside of the Jupiter 2.  Thanks, Retro Thing.

The Jupiter 2 spacecraft from the TV series, “Lost in Space” is the most popular attraction at the Sci-Fi Air Show (Official Site). The two-story-high ship has been rebuilt to scale and equipped with working electronics inside its two levels.  Read about the fantastic Sci-Fi Air Show on Geek’s “Ready to Launch: Creating a Virtual Sci-Fi Air Show.”  Visitors flock to the fantastic life-size replica of the famous ship, along with its components — a life-size flying replica of the Space Pod and Chariot vehicle, along with The Robot. See more life-size replicas of other famous craft, such as The Liberty 1 — the spacecraft from the original “Planet of the Apes” — in this video.  Like the Air Show’s Facebook page.

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