Celebrating HELLoween is Wicked & Evil!

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HostMummy2Baptist pastor Donnie Romero out of the hate state of Texas rants about the evils of Halloween aka “Helloween”!

919313-drgraves2[A high-pitched voice is an indicator there’s something malfunctioned with his Y and X chromosomes.–Ed.]

Former witch turned Christian Carol Kornacki warns of the evils of Halloween decorations.

On her blog, Kornacki writes:

“How well do I remember the blood on the walls from the constant fighting that went on at home. It was usually Dad’s blood. Mom had thrown an object and cut him with it. As children, we would scream and cry in terror. My parents drank almost every weekend and the latter parts of the day!

We had a large family, too large. My Dad’s paycheck barely made ends meet. Food was scare, alcohol was abundant and fear was my constant companion. Finally, my Dad had a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized. He would escape on weekends and come home. Sometimes he would do strange things, like set the house on fire. Our mom spent a lot of time away from home trying to find herself at the bottom of a bottle. Since my parents were away, my older siblings and I learned how to take care of the smaller ones. I remember beatings I didn’t deserve and welts that went deep in my flesh…”

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