HateIn a video that’s gone viral, a black activist calling himself “King Noble” gives his opinion regarding the murder of a sheriff in Texas who was shot 15 times in the back, saying the killing “represents” to him that “it’s open season on killing whites and white police officers.” 

“Today we’re living in a time where the white man will be picked off and there’s nothing he can do about it.  It’s not safe no more to be white in America.  Lurking behind any corner could be an angry black man ready to take your ass out.  That’s a reality.  It’s open season on killing whites and police.”

[Sources: InfoWars. His online videos and Facebook and the black supremacy site he promoted at the end of this video called]

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“We must rise up and kill those who kill us! STOP THEM AND KILL THEM AND LET THEM FEEL THE PAIN OF DEATH THAT WE FEEL!”
(Pos. 2:10 in Video)

#‎JusticeOrElse | Video clip from the Minister Louis Farrakhan’s message delivered July 30, 2015 in Miami, Fl., at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. For more information on the Justice Or Else Movement, Go: