Oh Come On, It’s For Halloween!

CrybabiesEvery year the Halloween yard display crybabies come out to cause trouble for people who get creative with their Halloween yard displays. Here are just some of this year’s “tasteless and offensive” yard displays.

[Below] “A front yard in Butler, New Jersey, is using Halloween to take a stand against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and it’s upsetting the community.”

Anti-Isis-Themed Halloween Display

“A front yard in Ohio is upsetting just as many for the gruesome fake corpses strewn all over.”

Gruesome Halloween Yard Ohio

“LaRethia Haddon puts a stuffed body in her front yard that attracts attention each year because it looks so lifelike, according to the Detroit News. The body has drawn the attention of passers-by, emergency workers and even police.”

Stuffed Body Detroit Halloween

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