Drunk Mechanic Takes Customers Car For Joy Ride, Brings Child

NOA Rhode Island man is angry after a dashcam video in his car caught a service technician at a local dealership drive his 2013 Mazadaspeed3 while intoxicated with a kid in the car, driving erratically and speeding at dangerous speeds in residential neighborhoods.

The child in the car begs him: “You’re scaring me. Please stop.” The startling video, at six-and-a-half minutes, is an excruciating journey that begins with the technician, an employee of Tasca Automotive Group’s dealership on Pontiac Avenue in Cranston (see Yelp! messages being left by viewers of the video), flooring the accelerator while the car is in neutral.

Bob Tasca Jr., President of Tasca Automotive Group, says his employee, Victor Simoes, was not driving irresponsibly or drunk. “The customer thinks he was intoxicated. How could he make a statement like that.” [Source]

“The video shows just six minutes of several hours worth of driving on the Friday night the shop foreman took the car home. It ends when he finds the camera, says “He’s probably watching us,” and disconnects it…” [Source]