Cop Repeatedly Punches Woman in Face (VIDEO)

Cops Fist Hits Woman

WATCH: All-Fired Up Maniac Speeds to Scene, Leaps Out Cop Car and Immediately Starts Beating the Helpless Woman!

Injustice-ServedWhen Cindy Hahn of Carlsbad, California called 911 to complain about a foul-mouthed cop, the cop retaliated by brutally punching the mother in the face as her children watched, while another cop holds her down, assisting in the brutality. A witness filmed the shocking beating with a cell phone, which is now in the hands of world-famous attorney Mark Geragos who is handling the lawsuit. In addition, the cops were caught lying about the incident in their report in the conspiracy.  The mother apparently suffered brain damage from the cop’s beating.  Oh, and by the way, Cindy Hahn’s FATHER IS A COP.

Cops Fist Hits Woman-close-up

A REAL EAGER BEAVER.  Close-up of cop’s fist brutally beating woman.  He just couldn’t wait, leaping out of his speeding cop car.  Just got right into bashing the woman’s skull without asking a word.  Oh yeah, she poses a real dangerous threat.  A real sadistic little fucker, ain’t he?  And the stupid city WON’T FIRE THIS LUNATIC.

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