Caller Witnesses Strange Airborne Apparition in Sky and Nevada Highway Patrol Cop Chases It

In this call-in UFO radio show at the 14-minute point (I’ve started the video below at that point already), a caller (Richard Eliot) tells of an incredible UFO encounter both he and a Nevada Highway Patrol officer chasing a strange object in the sky. [See the accompanying website, Third Phase of the Moon and Facebook Account]

Listen to Caller’s Account of Nevada State Highway Patrol Officer Engages UFO:

Below is the caller’s email message with more details:

Nevada State Police Officer Engages UFO 2015

Richard Eliot shares an incredible encounter with a UFO! Here is the correspondent’s email:

Hey guys I’m looking for answers from this. This happened last Saturday here in Las Vegas the wife and I were driving saw this thing above the mountain range to our left I took a quick picture in a notice that there was a police officer down there also watching it.

So my wife told me to turn around let’s go see what it is so I went down to the police officer and ask him apparently he was answering a call from dispatch from a commercial pilot that said this thing at one point was in the line of sight for incoming air traffic into the airport here in Las Vegas and they had genuine concerns that I was in their flight path.

So he was answering that call he had followed it from 3 miles down the road up to this point looking for any vehicle that somebody might be in controlling this thing by the time we got there there was nobody there but him and I and my wife watching this thing sit above the mountains edge ascending descending rotating from left to right parts of it also rotating by themselves right to left.

It was the size of maybe a large bike it made no noise and it was moving unnaturally another words it wasn’t moving by the wind it was being controlled that’s why the immediate thought was that it was a drone.

I sent you guys these three pictures to look at it to tell me maybe you have answers I’ve seen things on the internet similar to this I’m assuming maybe that’s what that is.

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