Whatever Became of TV Trays?

Vintage Collectible TV Tray
This vintage retro “mod” breakfast-in-bed TV tray is a collector’s item and is selling for $65 bucks on eBay, where TV Tray Collectors (yes, believe it or not) are posting ads asking a small fortune for these relics.

At one time civilized couch potatoes ate their TV dinners on classy TV Trays, but now the slovenly eat their grub without them — holding their plate with one hand while eating the food with the other — most of the time getting food all over the couch and carpet, leaving ugly stained areas disturbing to potential civilized guests entering the animal den.

Modern TV Tray resembles hospital trays.
Modern TV Tray resembles hospital trays.

Good news is Walmart sells TV trays for those wishing to eat in a civilized way, but they’re dull compared to mod TV Trays of days gone by.  TV Trays have been updated to new adjustable folding laptop TV trays where diners simply eat their food and use their computer in bed.  The venerable old TV Tray has been re-invented to a functional modern design:

TV Tray Re-Invented
Today’s smart TV Tray. All it needs is a can of colorful spray paint and some artistic designs painted on it to give it some character.

Vintage TV trays were made of durable metal (or called “portable tables”) with tasteful designs and colorful moe-dern art or tasteful outdoor scenes to make the dinner hour retro-classy.


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