What Lurks the Streets of Reno No More: A Christmastime Blessing

100% Probability His
Has Bred Evil Offspring

Definite demonic possession going on here.
Note the cruel mouth (cover rest of face).
Mean, uncaring eyes (cover rest of face).
(Click to Enlarge)

Creepy ex-boyfriend kidnapped and held his former girlfriend captive for over three hours, strangling her, beating her, duct-taping her hands and legs in an attempt to MURDER HER.

But dumb young women will look at this thug, become enamored by him and will actually want to screw him AND bear children by him!  

WHY?  Because it’s “thug love,” a sick and disturbing phenomenon with women who actually desire to be used and abused like a doormat.

Scientists say “bad boy” men (criminals, ex-convicts, murderers, wife-beaters, cheaters, con artists, bank robbers, serial killers, thieves and liars) actually emanate strong sex pheromones that attract weak-willed women and get them to MATE with them.  Women will submit to and prefer sex with these scraps and reject “good guy types” of men who are kind and nurturing.  It’s sick, but it’s a scientific fact.

So if you guys notice a thug has come into your life, it’s a good chance he is boning your bitch — and it may already be too late to prevent it — for these types do not use protection.  They will impregnate your bitch and you’ll wind up paying for the kid, because after bad boys breed, they leave and move on to their next conquest.

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