WEIRD FILMS: The Tinderbox

Tinderbox Hound
Magic hound that grants wishes.

The Tinderbox was a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale (details on Wiki) film made in Germany in 1958 about a battle weary soldier who — down on his luck — runs across an old witch who asks him to retrieve a small Tinderbox from inside an old tree. Inside the massive tree are three rooms containing chests full of coins of copper, silver and gold — each chest guarded by three magical giant hounds who do the soldier’s bidding by granting him wishes.

The film is not dubbed for English, instead go to the bottom of The Tinderbox page and click on the links therein to find out the plot of the entire film (three parts). You really don’t need to understand German as the pages, with scene photos, lay out the weird, yet strangely interesting story.

Below is the soldier’s first encounter with the first room’s magical hound and the treasure it guards.  Watch the entire film online.  It is a rare classic.