Watch Willard’s Rats Attack and Kill His Boss

😉 Willard gets revenge on his boss (the late great Ernest Borgnine) who stole his father’s business by having his trained pet rats attack him.  Hear his boss scream in exquisite agony as hundreds of rats cover him, biting his flesh with their razor-sharp little fangs.

Cult Film ClassicsThis is from the rarely seen 1971 cult classic, “Willard.” A sequel to this film came out a year later, called “Ben.” Two cult classic horror films idiot TV programmers constantly overlook in favor of the same old horror movies over-played for years — because they lack creativity and knowledge of the horror genre in general. A shitty remake of “Willard” came out in 2003 — avoid that one, it’s garbage. There were many cult classic Horror and Sci-Fi Movies of the 1970s rarely shown on TV anymore.  Aside from the Star Wars and Aliens franchises that began in the 1970s, here are just some cult classing 1970s horror and sci-film films forgotten in time:  The Forbin Project, The Omega Man, Silent Running, The Neptune Disaster, Logan’s Run, Damnation Alley, Warlords of Atlantis — and many others.


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