Trailer Trash: Thief Gets Arrested While Proposing to His Girl Friend — And She Still Said “Yes”!

Trailer Trash CultureAs lover boy was proposing to his girl friend at a festive Christmas celebration, a cop with a keen eye for crooks with a warrant recognized him and arrested him right in front of the bride-to-be.

Dumb Trailer Trash
“He’s my rock and I’m his.” Girl friend has been reading way too many trashy romance novels.
Making matters worse, the not-so-bright girl friend said yes to his marriage proposal as the crook was being handcuffed and taken off to jail, saying to the news: “Oh he’s a good guy.  Everybody thinks he’s a bad guy, but he’s not.”   Right, just ask all the people he stiffed PASSING BAD CHECKS to!  Yeah, a real nice guy.  And she’s in for a life of misery, for his debts become community property when she signs her name on the marriage license.

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