The Most Asinine: $5.00 Toilet Use Fee

CrybabiesBad press relations for the nitpicking owner of a restaurant (Facebook) using a sheriff to track down a woman who used her restroom but failed to pay the $5.00 fee. After locating the evil criminal woman who failed to pay a ridiculously high fee to use the restaurant’s bathroom facility, the owner gave her the handwritten (tacky and unprofessional in itself) bill (pictured below).

Wow, if they’re that nasty with people, I wouldn’t want to dine there. And how much did this nonsense cost the tax-paying public when she used a sheriff?  Not only that, but the bathroom charge is utter nonsense.   SEE THE COMMENTS on the restaurant’s Facebook that supports this:


But why all the nastiness?  Not good PR for a business owner to be getting on the news seeking validation by whining about an outrageous and unnecessary fee to customers.  Most normal, sane people would not have ANY sympathy for the selfish owner charging folks $5 bucks to use the head, mmmm-kay?  We’ve all been there on the urgency of using a restroom when in public.  I certainly wouldn’t have paid $5.00 — a dollar yes, but not five dollars.  That’s just brazen rip-off shit.  Nope, not good business PR at all.  This person shouldn’t be in charge of owning a business, because she’s now created a bad reputation for the restaurant by doing this nonsense.

$5.00 to Use the Bathroom?
No Wonder the Woman Didn’t Pay!

Patricia Barnes

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