The Killing of America Through Food


RantWith epidemic obesity and diabetes in full swing in America today, Wendy’s introduces their “Baconator” burger.  What ever happened to the simple hamburger?  Why is only one patty with lettuce, onion, pickles, tomato and a slice of cheese not enough?  After all it’s just a S-A-N-D-W-I-C-H, not dinner.


Why must Americans have all that beef and bacon and cheese?  And look — not shred of lettuce or tomato seen on the greasy thing — IT’S ALL ANIMAL FLESH.


Get a load of the nutrition chart for this toxic creation: SODIUM (SALT) = 1,960!  TOTAL FAT = 64 grams! 

  • Imagine the constant aching and throbbing of heart disease in your chest day and night;
  • Imagine you’re so obese that you can’t even see your genitals when you go p0tty; and
  • Imagine the agony of having your rib cage sawed open in surgery in order for doctors to put in a triple bypass device in your heart.

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