Super Bowl: How to Eat Chicken Wings (VIDEO)

Pat Bertoletti shows how to eat chicken wings — apparently there are several “methods” to get the meat off them. I suppose eating them a certain way is politically correct.  ALSO SEE How to Bet on the Super Bowl (a slideshow tells you what to do).

The video below shows how to make spicy Buffalo Wings using famous Franks Wing Sauce.  Basically, all you do is fry some chicken wings coated with a flour mixture.  After coating them, cover the plate they’re on with Saran wrap and put them into the fridge for 20 minutes for the coating to stick onto the chicken wings better.

Then, in a pot on the stove I melt some real butter and mix Franks Wings sauce with it — to thicken and give the sauce a good taste.

Then I pour that mixture over the fried chicken wings in a bowl and swish them around in it, covering the wings with the sauce.

Because I don’t like my chicken wings all dripping wet and slimy with the sauce, I then put the sauced wings on a wire rack into a preheated oven at 350 and bake that sauce into the wings’ coating for 20 minutes. I just bake them for a short spell keeping a watchful eye on them.

Using this method they come out crispy with the wing sauce baked into the flour coating.

WATCH OUT!  VERY FATTENING AND HIGH IN CHOLESTEROL AND CALORIESBUT THEY TASTE GRAND!  [See for complete calorie guide to Buffalo style chicken wings.]

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