SUPER BOWL: Feces-Laden Chicken Wings

Feces Worship
Feces Worship

Nearly half of the chicken marketed by national brands and sold in supermarkets is contaminated with e-coli feces, according to a study.  See There’s Poop in Our Chicken Meat.  Millions of Americans will eat this nasty grub for the Super Bowel.

A USDA training video, reveals that the chicken slaughtering process ends with carcasses soaking in cold water— “fecal soup” —for up to one hour before being packaged for consumers. The Physicians Committee obtained this video through the Freedom of Information Act.  Watch Fecal Soup in Chicken from

Chicken Wings ObsessionTurdFor America, the Super Bowl is all about sitting around a big screen TV set gnawing on feces-laden chicken wings (according to this doctor) while they watch a football game – consuming beer and eating, eating and eating.  In a kind of animal holocaust, billions of chickens have been slaughtered just for their wings in preparation for this day that many consider a national holiday.  Chickens must REALLY hate us (lets hope they never seek revenge on mankind for this mass murder evil).

Feces-Tainted Buffalo Wings

“Nearly half of the chicken marketed by national brands and sold in supermarkets is contaminated with feces, according to a study we conducted last year.”  Read more about Feces-Tainted Buffalo Chicken.

Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings
WHO CARES IF THEY HAVE SHIT IN THEM! Dig in, Bro! Come on, eat up!

From the interesting facts and figures article entitled, Super Bowl XLVII Super Stats, the National Retail Federation (NRF) projects that shoppers will spend a combined $12.3 billion on food, gear, and electronics for the Super Bowl this year.  Super Bowl Sunday is the second-biggest food “holiday” in the US, behind Thanksgiving.  An estimated 1.2 billion chicken wings will be consumed (see article “Americans to Eat 1.23 Billion Chicken Wings Super Bowl Weekend” by the National Chicken Council).

Crystal Ball Prediction
San Francisco 49ers will win the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is also the busiest day of the year for pizza joints and football revelers will eat 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, along with 79 million avocados (guacamole dip for the chips) during Super Bowl parties.  High definition (HD) flatscreen TV sets sell around this time of year for the Super Bowl, too.

“A USDA study found that more than 99 percent of broiler chicken carcasses sold in stores had detectable levels of E. coli, indicating fecal contamination. In other words, if you’re eating chicken flesh, you’re almost certainly eating poop. Consumer Reports states there are “1.1 million or more Americans sickened each year by undercooked, tainted chicken.” Chicken flesh is also loaded with dangerous levels of arsenic, which can cause cancer, dementia, neurological problems, and other ailments in humans. Men’s Health magazine recently ranked supermarket chicken number one in their list of the “10 Dirtiest Foods” because of the high rate of bacterial contamination.”  [From PETA]

Doesn’t Deep-Frying Kill the Fecal Bacteria in Wings? How Could These Beautiful Things Be Tainted with Shit? HOW?


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