Stupid Chick Pepper-Sprays Her Food, Eats It and Gets Really Sick

She says, “Pepper spray is very much a food product” before spraying the volatile, poisonous shit on her sandwich and eating it.  What a dipshit.

OK, stupid here’s why you should NOT consume pepper spray. Pepper Spray is not just Capsaicin (the heat found in chili peppers), it also contains some water and propellant. Depending on the brand of spray, some propellants are as flammable as gasoline and can be highly toxic if swallowed intentionally. DON’T SPRAY YOUR FOOD WITH PEPPER SPRAY. If you want peppers in your food, cut one up and add it. Pepper Spray is not intended to be consumed!

See article, “Cop Pepper-Sprays Pizza, Poisons People” from The Los Angeles Times.