Splenda Causes Diabetes?


Population ControlRantThe evil ones who are making us fat and sick with diabetes by selling us sugary, fat-laden food to reduce the population have even infiltrated the sugar substitute market, where trusting people buy the stuff to avoid sugar intake to control their diabetes and obesity issues.  I’ve been using Splenda as a sugar substitute, trusting them and now… they’re saying Spenda CAUSES diabetes!  WTF?  Is anyone in the government checking this shit before it hits the shelves?  WTF is going on!  Aren’t YOU sick and tired of this?

The son-of-a-bitches are putting poison in everything to kill us.

Not only this but frozen berries sold at Costco are found to cause fucking HEPATITIS! Hepatitis is a nasty scourge that attacks the liver and lowers the immune system down. It’s a killer. And people who are diabetic are told to EAT BERRIES as they are less in sugar and heart healthy. And so here we go with berries being sold, POISONED with a KILLER DISEASE!  That’s right, you lay out money to buy something that is going to sicken and kill you!


All of this tainted food shit is an outrage and shows there is something seriously wrong with food safety checking in the food industry. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to shop at the store anymore!

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