Son Stabs Mother’s Boyfriend for Eating His Thanksgiving Grub

Taz Miller (Twitter), 18, was charged yesterday with battery with a deadly weapon and strangulation for stabbing mama’s trick who ate his Thanksgiving grub given to him by his beloved granny.  How dare mama’s gutter bum have the audacity to eat her saintly donation to her dear grandson!



Taz Miller
No way was Mama’s bum boyfriend getting away with stealing his Thanksgiving grub! Oh Hell no!

Injustice ServedMiller became enraged late Sunday when he realized that his turkey was poached from the refrigerator by one Christopher Teer, his mother’s 35-year-old live-in boyfriend (I’d be stealing your money if I wagered he’s an unemployed moocher).

Incensed, Miller took revenge for the food thievery by taking a nice big fat sharp stainless kitchen knife with a fork-type serrated edge out of the kitchen drawer and — shouting an innocent pre-stabbing warning:  “I’m going to fucking kill you!” — somehow glutton Teer got stabbed in the arm and leg.  The bloody kitchen knife was found to be bent at a 45-degree angle and had pieces of meaty human flesh on it for decorative purposes.

Happy Holidays

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