SharkNado Fever!

“WOW!  They must have spent hundreds of dollars on the special effects!”

SharkNado Attack

Historic SharkNado Movie Poster
Historic SharkNado Movie Poster.  Click to enlarge!

Syfy channel’s Sharknado, which premiered last night, has become an Internet sensation.  The movie is about a tornado in the Pacific that swoops up thousands of sharks and drops them on Los Angeles.  It’s raining men sharks on scores of screaming LA residents as they try to hide from sharks raining down on them.   Sharknado has saved the summer, with some journalists actually asking: “Can a SharkNado really happen?”  See all the Tweets about Sharknado at #SharkNado.  The movie is so bad it’s good — and is currently being savaged by film critics (NY Post writes: “SharkNado is why they invented cable TV”).  The Hollywood Reporter has counted the dead body countTime Magazine calls SharkNado “genius” in their review.  See more terrible graphics from the movie and a different trailer on New York Daily News.  See the Facebook SharkNado page to see when it will air again (rumor is August 22).

When is it coming to DVD?  No date set yet, but knowing how cash hungry Syfy is, it’s a sure bet it’ll be out sooner than you think!

“A tornado made of sharks.  It’s THE best movie of all time.”