Scummy People of the Hamptons are Loathed on Facebook

Denizens of the New England beach playspot of the filthy rich and entitled — The Hamptons — are LOATHED on the Facebook Douche Spotter, created by a guy who is angry at all the bad behavior and assholery going on there.  It’s a kind of BULLYING PAGE where visitors submit photos and write mean things about the strange and stupid people they see there, including the occasional celebrity (Martha Stewart has a house in the Hamptons).  [In order to see the goods, join group, wait a bit and then refresh page.]

A Summer Romance in The Hamptons

Hamptons Douche
A bunch of MEAN THINGS are written about this hairy hippy Jesus-type Hamptons guy HERE that might amuse thee.

Gothamist and The New York Post have articles about the douchebaggery routinely going on there.

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