REVENGE BLOG: “I Know Who Gave Me HIV: The Isaac Burks Story”

Issac-Don-Burks_mugshot_400You may recall an earlier post about the cops’ manhunt for bi-sexual Isaac Burks, who is on the MOST WANTED LIST, for spreading HIV to hundreds of men and women without disclosing his HIV status — thereby INFECTING THEM with his diseased cum.

The blog, I Know Who Gave Me HIV is by a 19-year-old who claims to have had a sexual encounter with Burks and is now infected with HIV because of him.

“After 10 minutes of f***king me doggy style he screamed he was going to cum. As he came I felt a warm liquid rush inside of my ass. I jumped up and looked back and saw his d***k without a condom on it! I screamed what happened to the condom? He grabbed around the bed and showed me the condom. There was no cum in it.  When I used the bathroom, his cum rushed out of my ass. It was allot. I kept thinking to myself that this motherf***ker took the condom off while f***king me. That was the only explanation for cum being in my ass, because I watched him put the condom on.”  Keep Reading



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