Reno Judge Gives Liberace’s Thieving Lover a Break

CRIME DOES NOT PAYHere is exclusive video of Scott Thorson, Liberace’s former hustler/lover in Reno, Nevada going to court and getting a break by a judge on his burglary charge, his bond paid for by the whore Moonlite Bunny Ranch (near Carson City, the state’s capitol). Scott Thorson has been incarcerated in they city’s Washoe County Jail.  [See National Enquirer.]  Thorson and Liberace had a six-year relationship, which ended in 1982, Thorson claims. During that time, Thorson worked as a personal assistant and was a live-in companion and lover to the entertainer who died of AIDS-related complications in 1987.  Liberace paid Thorson off in a palimony shakedown suit after the split for $75,000.

In channel 4’s exclusive interview video, he is filmed and interviewed before and after his court appearance where the victim is shown telling the court to put him in jail — but the judge instead gave Thorson 5 years’ probation and he has to continue to be drug free. The whore Moonlite Bunny Ranch (Wiki) has taken Thorson under their wing and is helping him get his life back on track and by giving him a place to stay on their ranch with all their charming ladies.

Thorson was lucky to get a lenient judge, but 5 years is a long time to be on probation. If he screws up he could get a LONG stay in a Nevada PRISON, like O.J. Simpson.  Nevada courts are notoriously tough on criminals!