Ratings Starved “Today Show” Kisses Up to Sleazy Miley Cyrus — Who Insults the Baby Boomer Generation’s Sexual Prowess — And That’s a NO-NO

SuckLow-rated “Today” show host Matt Laurer interviews immoral Miley Cyrus, hoping the interview will bump up the show’s ratings. Addressing Cyrus’ in-your-face sexual antics, at pos. 2:45 Cyrus tells Laurer he’s too old to be sexual at 55 — her INSULTING remark angering the powerful Baby Boomer generation who are currently in control of this country at this time (the #shutdown !!).  Angry Boomers remind ungrateful Miley that if it weren’t for their generation, she wouldn’t have been conceived in her mother’s pussy in the first place by the potent semen of her once-sexy hot stud father.  SO THERE, BITCH!

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