Racist Cop Suspended Over His “Coon Trapper” Facebook Page Against President Obama

StupidA police officer has been suspended and could be fired after he apparently posted a racist, obscenity-laced rant about President Barack Obama on his Facebook page.

“The fact that he (Obama) is still alive bewilders me,” Officer Peter Burns is alleged to have written in the post, obtained by The Journal News on Thursday. “Go die in a shallow grave you Muslim commie …”

The above post, apparently written Dec. 11 on a Facebook profile page Burns operated under the name “Coon Trapper” (screen cap below) contained a racial slur, made reference to “1st amendment NSA” and described Obama as “un-American.”

Racist Cops Facebook

Don’t know what this asshole is upset about — he’s making an annual salary of $98,959!  That’s near $100,000 bucks a year.  And now, because of his BIG MOUTH on Facebook, he’s going to lose that salary and likely will be on a hiring blacklist once employers find out what he was doing — if the Force fires him.