Psychology Teacher’s Bizarre Anti-Gay Rant; Calls Michelle Obama a “Big Fat Gorilla”


"Queer Hater" Grisham: Big Mouth, Little Brain
“Queer Hater” Grisham: Big Mouth, Little Brain

Listen to Bob Grisham (updates to his story here), an extremely racist southern REDNECK PSYCHOLOGY TEACHER and football coach at Lauderdale County High School in Alabama brainwash his classroom against “queers” and African-American, Michelle Obama — calling her a “gorilla.”  The recording originally appeared on YouTube, but as you know they censor and remove anything that garners news attention.  Sign the Petition to Fire Him.

Now read The Anti-Psychiatry Coalition and The Anti-Psychiatry Movement and Outlaw Psychiatry Now! to learn more about psychiatric/psychology QUACKERY.

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