Popular YouTube Pro-Gun Activist Found Murdered — Shot in the Head

Gun MurderKeith Ratliff, who ran a popular pro-gun YouTube channel where he showed off his collection of guns in numerous videos, was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head, and police are investigating the death as a murder.  [Source and even though the story’s been out a few days, Huff Post this morning finally links to it.]

In the video below, Keith shows off his GLOCK in his gun belt from a month ago.

Murdered By The Weapon He Loved

mentalhealthcenterTHIS LOOSE CANNON, PARANOID CONSPIRACY GUN NUT REALLY, REALLY SCARES ME. I think the men in white coats with the big butterfly net need to take him in for an evaluation. This dude calls Prozac a “murder pill.” He needs to be taking it. Look at his histrionics. He’s taking out all his paranoid delusions about the government on Piers Morgan, a talk show host.

[This video is the complete interview with Alex Jones.]

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